About Me

John P. Guerrero
A follower of Jesus with a heart to help others to become stronger and more authentic disciples.

I’m John Guerrero – writer, counselor, teacher, follower of Christ.

I love Jesus and I am in pursuit of a daily, transforming, faith-filled relationship and experience with Him. I seek to allow the Scriptures to influence and shape my daily life, and I have this insatiable determination to learn how to be a more authentic disciple of Christ. To me, this means overcoming my struggles, learning more about God, devoting my life to Him, and allowing His Word to impact how I think, act, speak, and feel.

What I see as my calling:

Maker of disciples
I love helping Christians to grow as disciples of Jesus with a deeper faith.

I believe we all need support and encouragement as we pursue this life of faith.

Teacher of Scripture
Making the Scriptures clear to everyone is one of my greatest passions.

Counseling individuals is an important calling and something that I treat with sacredness and care.

My background

Follower of Jesus
As a senior in high school I decided to devote my life to learning and teaching the Bible and helping Christians to grow. I have been imperfectly pursuing a stronger relationship with Jesus since that time, and I’ve learned so much about what it means to be one of His disciples.

Minister of the Word
I attend a small Bible college after high school and was trained for pastoral ministry. Since 2008 I’ve served in the church as a children’s minister, a youth leader, and then as a Pastor for four years. Through it all, I’ve discovered a great passion – explaining the Scriptures to help Christians to develop a greater love for God’s Word.

Helper of People
Vocationally, I’ve been a professional “people-helper” for my entire career. I’ve worked in Juvenile Justice, family services, and now in education. I have spent twelve years helping youth and families in many ways, and now, as a student in a counseling program, I am striving to put my experience and skills to work as a Licensed Professional Counselor.

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