About My Ministry

At this point in my life, my ministry has become more clear. I used to think that I could only “do ministry” a certain way, that only one role was suitable for me, that nothing else would allow me to serve God the way He had gifted me to do so.

I was wrong, and Jesus is showing me what is truly important.

I am burdened for many things and God is showing me that these things are part of my ministry calling.

  • I feel a burden to help people to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”
  • I desire to teach the Word of God and encourage people to love it and obey it and become students of it.
  • I have a passion for helping people to experience an “abundant life” in Jesus – to discover a thriving walk with Him in every day life.
  • My calling is to help Christians to come away from their religion and embrace a real, authentic walk with Christ; to see the church adopt the teachings of Jesus and be more committed to His ways.
  • I am burdened for seeing lives that are so touched by the love and grace of God that it just spills out of them and impacts the world positively.

These are my burdens and passions, and this is my ministry.

I have been involved in church ministry since my first year in Bible college, back in 2004. I went to school to become a pastor and, in pursuit of that role, I have involved myself in many different ministries in several churches. I’ve been a Youth Pastor, a deacon, and a Children’s Minister, and then, in 2016, I accepted the position of Pastor at our home church, where my wife and I served through preaching and leading the ministries for four years.

After four years we came to realize that God was calling us to broaden our ministry and to branch out from the organizational church.

My “ministry calling” can be summed up this way:

It is my life purpose to use my God-given gifts and skills to bring a blessing to the world and to leave a lasting impact on those around me by helping people to experience real change.

This calling has taken on many different forms over the years. Currently, the way I’m living out this life purpose is this:

  • I’m a high school teacher in a small public school, where I get to inspire and motivate young people and model genuine kindness.
  • I’m a graduate student in a counseling program. One day I will get to use my skills and training to help people to overcome their personal struggles and experience a fuller and more abundant life.
  • I’m a Bible teacher with a passion to share the teachings of the Scriptures with anyone who will listen. I especially want to help Christians develop a better understanding of how they should live in obedience to Jesus’ commands.
  • I’m a speaker and a writer with a passion to share a message of hope, transformation, and the love and grace of God with a world that is searching for peace and needs to hear the truth about Jesus.

I’m excited that you have decided to check out my online platform, and I hope you will come back often and join my community. My main goal through this website, through my podcast, and with my videos is that people will see Jesus more clearly, surrender to Him more fully, and experience life more abundantly as they pursue Him.

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