Discerning our Burdens and Desires From God’s Perspective

I believe strongly in the practice of being introspective. I think there is incredible value in understanding yourself and discovering your desires, your ambition, your feelings, and your thoughts. It’s important to pay attention the things that rise up within us and to ask, “What is this telling me about myself? Why am I feelingContinue reading “Discerning our Burdens and Desires From God’s Perspective”

Yeshua: Jesus Rescues His People From Sin

The angel Gabriel visited Joseph in a dream, announcing to him that the woman to whom he was engaged would give birth to a very special son. Joseph had discovered Mary’s pregnancy and was very troubled by it. They were not yet married. He thought she was a virgin. How could these things be? ButContinue reading “Yeshua: Jesus Rescues His People From Sin”

The Renovation of Our Lives

Here at our house, my wife and I are wrapping up a home renovation/addition project, finally adding the finishing touches on a months-long adventure. My father-in-law took our ideas and worked his magic to implement them, making our house look better and bigger, just the way we envisioned. A pretty big shift took place here,Continue reading “The Renovation of Our Lives”