Making Sacrifices To Achieve Our Dreams

I recently had to correct a financial mistake by making a bit of a sacrifice. It was a necessary move based on the fact that my wife and I have begun a journey towards paying off debt and reaching financial freedom. After not being very responsible in our early years, then having three kids andContinue reading “Making Sacrifices To Achieve Our Dreams”

How To Pandemic-Proof Your Marriage

Marriage is hard, isn’t it? Without the stress of a global virus and stay-at-home orders and radical changes to our routines and structures, being married is already a hard task on its own. Relationships aren’t perfect, spouses can sometimes bring those imperfections out in each other, and being married takes regular work. When you addContinue reading “How To Pandemic-Proof Your Marriage”

How to help our kids navigate a Covid world

The Covid pandemic has affected us all in many different ways. Businesses have been shut down. Churches have gone virtual. Restaurants have had to adjust to new methods of serving their customers. And education has faced uncertainty and the difficulty of adapting to a period of learning from home. It’s been a challenging time, toContinue reading “How to help our kids navigate a Covid world”

How To Get More From Your Bible Reading Time

This post contains affiliate links, meaning that I receive a small commission if you click and make a purchase through them. Thanks for reading and using my site! Reading the Bible has been a regular routine in my life for as long as I can remember. As a teenager who had just returned to myContinue reading “How To Get More From Your Bible Reading Time”