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Hi, I’m John. In the last ten years I’ve spent time helping people in many different arenas of life – social, emotional, spiritual, and academic. I’ve devoted my life to having an impact on the people around me, and I’ve done that as a pastor, a mentor, a counselor, and now as a teacher. Above all, my desire is to pursue Jesus more deeply and to enjoy a more abundant life that then blesses others.

Authenticity over production

I’m not a very “showy” type of Christian. I prefer to pray in private rather than in large gatherings. I praise Jesus but I don’t think it needs to be a big production with music and praise can be offered in many different ways. I don’t tend to overspiritualize things in life. I believe thatContinue reading “Authenticity over production”

Walking and Living by Faith

The closer I get to Jesus, the more I understand that having clarity and following His plan for me is not always about having clear and definitive answers to my questions. Instead, it’s about faith. It’s about trusting God’s perfect plan. It’s about the confidence that, even when I don’t see the end of theContinue reading “Walking and Living by Faith”

Accepting Things That We Can’t Control

There isn’t much in our lives right now that we can really control. This year has been quite unexpected and unprecedented, and it seems like more and more things are happening that make us aware of just how little control we actually have.


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